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MO BIO Laboratories offer innovative tools for researchers in molecular biology. MO BIO specializes in nucleic acid isolation and purification from a variety of sample sources such as plasmid, soil, plant, blood, serum, tissue, mouse tails, water and others.

MO BIO's PowerMAX DNA Isolation Kits and their RNA PowerSoil Kits are among the most unique and innovative products in the biotech marketplace today. Effectively removing humic acid inhibitors of PCR present in soil samples. MO BIO's line of soil and microbial isolation kits are now the method of choice among environmental and microbiology researchers studying microbial DNA in soil samples.

MO BIO is also proud to have introduced some of the fastest kits on the market for DNA isolation and purification. They offer the UltraClean 6 Minute Plasmid Mini Prep, the UltraClean PCR Clean-up Kit (only 3 minutes per reaction), and the UltraClean GelSpin Kit (only 5 minutes per reaction).



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