Invitation to PT Genetika's Seminar on 26/27 Feb


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


9:00 am – 3:00 pm

9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Gadjah Mada University Club Hotel and Convention
Jl. Pancasila No. 2, Bulaksmumur Kabus UGM, Yogyakarta

Universitas Gadjah Mada
Fakultas Kedokteran,
Gedung Perpustakaan FK UGM Lantai 2
Ruang Hometheatre

Refreshments will be provided (Tea Break and Lunch)


Programme Highlights:
1. DNA Sequencing Data Analysis
2. Best Practices in Molecular Cloning
3. Introduction to IDT PrimeTime qPCR Assay, Primers and Probes

Seats are limited, please confirm your participation with us by 18th Feb 2013.
Please send your RSVP via email to and include your Name, Designation, Company and Contact Details.

Click here to download the Seminar Program.

International Conference on Biomedical Science 2012

Thank you for visiting PT Genetika Science booth at the International Conference on Biomedical Science 2012 on the 27-28 February.

We hope you had the opportunity to learn more about our products and offerings.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at  +62 21 569 821 37 or

Exclusive Distributor for 1st BASE, FBCO and IDT!



With effect from 1st January 2012, PT Genetika has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of 1st BASE, 1st BASE Custom Oligos (FBCO) and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) for Indonesia.

We remain committed to providing our customers with the best level of service and support for Custom Oligo Synthesis, DNA sequencing services and customized research products. For more information on these products and services, do not hesitate to contact us at

Welcome Enzymatics!

We are now the distributing partner of Enzymatics across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Enzymatics has revolutionized reagent supply by delivering ISO 13485 enzymes of unrivaled purity, consistency, and value to molecular biology applications manufacturers in the research and diagnostic markets. The company achieves this by drastically lowering and continually analyzing its production costs, applying QC metrics that are industry-leading and applying a consultative, partnership business model. 

We are excited to bring Enzymatics' innovative products to our customers. For more information on Enzymatics, please visit

Welcome onboard, Origen Laboratories!

Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd, founded in 2007 in Singapore, is a privately held company providing laboratory services and solutions to academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Their mission is to become a leading provider of microarray services in the region. Their key staff members have extensive experience in the use and design of microarray studies for gene expression and genotyping.

Origen Labs provides services from sample preparation through to data analysis, and they work with their clients to design small to large projects to suit their specific needs and budget.

PT Genetika looks forward to this new partnership.

Welcome Lonza as our new partner!

Lonza is one of the world's leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries. For over 100 years, Lonza has offered over 3500 products and services to more than 14 000 customers worldwide. To date, the company has been an innovator, adapting its offerings and services to the needs of customers and to changing technologies.

They work with passion, using advanced technologies, to transform life science into new possibilities for our customers by

  1. Focusing on the customers' R&D and manufacturing needs in clearly defined life-science markets
  2. Making optimal use of and further develop high-tech biology and chemical technology platforms
  3. Sustaining operational excellence in innovation, leadership, operations and all processes that are valued by our customers.

We hope to serve our customers better with Lonza’s portfolio of Bioresearch products. Click here to learn more about Lonza’s product offerings.

1st BASE DNA Sequencing Data Analysis Seminar

PT Genetika invites you to 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Data Analysis Seminar on 29-31 March 2011.

The Seminar will be held in 3 places, please download the invitation cards below for more details:

1. Seminar Day 1 - Tuesday, 29th March 2011

2. Seminar Day 2 - Wednesday, 30th March 2011

3. Seminar Day 3 - Thursday, 31st March 3011

To participate in the Seminar, please send your RSVP via email to (Kindly include your Name, Designation, Company, and Contact Details).

*Please arrive by 9.30am on the day to confirm your registration and collect your seminar pack

We look forward to seeing you there!

Welcome Biomedal!

We are now the distributor for Biomedal across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Founded in year 2000, Biomedal S.L. mission is to develop and commercialize new technologies, services and products for research, bioindustry and diagnostics. They enhance the talent of their team by collaborating outstanding and growing network of international scientists and technologists to satisfy their customers.

Click here to learn more about their product offerings.

Welcome Lifeline!

Lifeline logo

Lifeline Cell Technology (Lifeline) specializes in the development and manufacture of purified primary human cells and optimized reagents for cell culture. Their team of scientists and quality control technician continue to make new and improved human cell systems to meet the needs of a demanding cell culture marketplace for primary human cells. 

We are very happy to be the distributor for Lifeline Cell Technology products across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We look forward to bringing you superior products and services that will assist you with your cell culture requirement.

The International Meeting of ATBC 19-23 July 2010

PT Genetika had the opportunity to host a booth at the International Meeting of Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation on 19-23 July 2010.

At the event, we showcased some of our product spotlights and promotions from 1st BASE, BioPointe, Kapa Biosystems, Nacalai and more.

We had a great time meeting with the delegates and would like to thank them for visiting our booth.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or +62 21 569 821 37 / 38.

Welcome J R Scientific!

We are now the distributor for J R Scientific across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Since 1979, J R Scientific, inc. has been a vertically integrated manufacturer of innovative diagnostic and cell culture consumable products. 

They also provide make-to-order products for their customers, including custom cell culture media, reagents, buffers, specialized sera treatments or other product modifications.

Their Mission - "Advantage Inside" is the product solutions to customer and market needs. Their highly personalized service and ability to match products to specific customer needs offer academic, research, diagnostic and bio-pharma professionals a uniquely responsive, collaborative resource

Welcome BioPorto!



PT Genetika Science would like to welcome BioPorto as our new partner!

BioPorto Diagnostics focus on developing and licensing antibodies and antibody-based products aimed at the basic research market segment. Recently, BioPorto Diagnostics launched a groundbreaking test called NGAL that can diagnose acute kidney injury. With the NGAL test, the occurrence of kidney injury can now be revealed within a few hours!

BioPorto’s strategy is to develop new methods based on its antibody portfolio that can be patented and achieve a wide use in the diagnosis of various diseases. In addition, BioPorto Diagnostics A/S offers a range of antibodies under the AntibodyShop® brand. With this partnership, we hope to bring high quality research products to our valued customers!

Welcome onboard, Kapa Biosystems!

PT Genetika Science welcomes Kapa Biosystems with effect from February 2009. We can better meet the needs of our molecular biology customers with Kapa Biosystems’ range of innovative Next Generation PCR Reagents.

Next-generation PCR is defined as the shift from generalist wild-type enzymes toward designer specialist enzymes. Kapa Biosystems’ next-gen PCR reagents are fundamentally different at the protein level; our engineered polymerases contain unique amino acid modifications that confer dramatic improvements to the function of the enzyme.

This transition is made possible by Kapa Biosystems’ powerful protein engineering platform. This platform is being used to develop a portfolio of designer polymerases engineered specifically for applications such as qPCR, Fast PCR, high fidelity PCR, crude sample PCR, next-generation DNA sequencing, and molecular diagnostics. Look out for our Product Spotlights on Kapa Biosystems’ leading reagents!

Welcome onboard, Glycosan Biosystems!

PT Genetika Science distributes Glycosan Biosystems with effect from February 2009. Specializing in biocompatible, optimizable hydrogel matrices for general 3-D and stem cell culture, ExtracelTM and HyStemTM, Glycosan Biosystems provide a sophisticated range of biomolecules to meet the demanding needs of cell culture.

Glycosan BioSystems holds exclusive worldwide rights to a patent estate, which was licensed from the University of Utah Research Foundation with broad claims to product chemical composition, method of crosslinking, method of preparation, and use of the synthetic extracellular matrix (sECM).

The exclusive sECM technology behind Glycosan’s Extracel™ product line makes several specific applications possible, including:

  • in vitro three-dimensional cell culture
  • in vitro and in vivo animal models to screen for drug efficacy, safety, and toxicology
  • reagents for tissue and cell preservation
  • personal-care products

Glycosan also holds a co-exclusive license for tissue engineering and cell-therapy applications of Extracel™.

Glycosan BioSystems manufactures ExtracelTM and HyStemTM lines of biocompatible, optimizable hydrogel matrices for general 3-D and stem cell culture. The foundation for both lines is thiol-modified hyaluronic acid which allows a variety of thiol-modified proteins, peptides, or small molecules to be easily crosslinked into the hydrogel. The Extracel line is specifically designed for general and 3-D cell culture. The HyStem line is designed for stem cell culture and transplantation, providing the bridge between cell culture and cell therapy.

PT Genetika Science signs on Biomatrica!

We are pleased to announce that with effect from February 2009, PT Genetika Science has been appointed as Biomatrica’s distributor in Indonesia. We look forward to bringing innovative and advanced sample stabilization solutions to our customers.

Biomatrica® develops and offers innovative technologies for stabilizing biological materials at room temperature. Biomatrica's stabilization technology allows for storage of samples outside cold environments (4ºC, -20ºC, -80ºC and liquid nitrogen) while preserving sample integrity, thus greatly reducing costs and reliance on maintaining cold conditions during shipment and storage.

Biomatrica® has developed a novel core technology designed to prevent the degradation of complex samples, reagents and assays during transport, storage and processing, thus allowing scientists to:

  • obtain more reproducible and reliable experimental results
  • increase efficiency and confidence
  • decrease time needed to obtain results

Their current products stabilize nucleic acids and prevent degradation without the need for cold storage:

  • DNA SampleMatrix®
  • RNAstable™
  • CloneStable™ for bacterial DNA

Biomatrica also currently offers the following solutions to leverage and complement the stabilization product portfolio:

  • PCRboost™, an enhancing reagent for end-point and reverse transcription-PCR.
  • SampleWare® software, an easy-to-use, customizable laboratory management database to store and organize sample data.

Biomatrica's products are expected to improve research within a broad scope of laboratories involved in life sciences research, healthcare diagnostics, drug development and forensics.

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