DNA Sequencing

Manufacturer: 1st BASE Pte Ltd

 Service Provider: 1st BASE Pte Ltd

1st BASE DNA Sequencing utilises Applied Biosystem’s highest capacity-based genetic analyzer platforms and optimized protocols for various template requirements to give superior data without compromising on turnaround time. Together with 1st BASE, PT. Genetika Science brings this sanger DNA sequencing service to our Indonesia customers to meet their research needs.

Features of 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Services: 

  • High quality, long read lengths with fast turnaround time
  • Wide range of free sequencing primers for ABI's dye terminator chemistry
  • 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Collection Kit available for ease of organizing DNA templates/primers
  • Email notification of sequencing results, electropherogram and sequences

Please download our DNA Sequencing Order Form here.