Chimera RNA interference (chimera RNAi)

Manufacturer: Abnova

 A New Powerful Tool for Mammalian Gene Silencing

RNAi is a process by which small interfering RNA DNA chimera triggers the destruction of mRNA. The discovery work, design, and application of chimera RNAi have been pioneered by Professor Kaoro Saigo and Dr. Kumiko Ui-Tei at the University of Tokyo.




Advantages over conventional siRNAs

  • Reliability: knock-down for over 10,000 human genes.
  • Specificity: obviate off-target effects including microRNA-based influence.
  • Efficacy: effective at low concentrations (0.5nM to 5nM).
  • Stability: streamline in vitro and in vivo assays while minimizing interferon induction.

14883 Chimera RNAi are categorized into functional groups