MaxPab® Polyclonal Antibodies

Manufacturer: Abnova

 MaxPab® is a new collection of polyclonal antibodies generated from annotated, sequence verified full-length proteins. Each MaxPab® antibody is validated with a full-length human protein expressed from a mammalian transfected lysate, demonstrating high reactivity, sensitivity and specificity. In addition, MaxPab® antibody has the ability to recognize both linear and conformational protein epitopes for maximum antibody performance!



  • Made from full-length proteins
  • QC using mammalian overexpression lysate
  • Ideal detection antibody for ELISA pair study
  • Antibody control for siRNA knock-down
  • Useful for IHC and IF (purification required)

MaxPab® Schedule:

  • Gene coverage for the entire human genome
  • Over 5,000 MaxPab® for year 2008

MaxPab® Applications:

"Like a butterfly in nature, transform your research with MaxPab®"



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