ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents

Manufacturer: Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. 


ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents provide an improved method for the detection of immunoprecipitated proteins assayed via Western Blot



Your standard protocol for Immunoprecipitation will work with ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents.

Seamless integration into existing IP/Western Blot procedures with THREE SIMPLE CHANGES!



For Western Blotting, use ReliaBLOT® Reagents as outlined below:




  • Effective: Dramatically reduces the usual noise of heavy chain observed when doing Western Blotting of IP.
  • Sensitive: Low levels - traditionally obscured by the Ig heavy chain - can now be observed.
  • Simple: No changes to your existing optimized IP protocols.
  • Compatible: Works well when using Protein-A or Protein-G for IP.
  • Time Saving: No crosslinking required.
  • Optimized: For use with antibodies raised in rabbits. Mouse and goat reagents coming soon.
  • Reliable: Beta testers say their blots with ReliaBLOT® are so clean that they use it for all targets regardless of the target's MW.




WB120 ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents 20 miniblots
WB120T ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents 5 miniblots