PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kits

Manufacturer: MO BIO Laboratories

MO BIO is the world’s leading provider of Soil DNA and RNA isolation kits.

MO BIO's UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit is a huge success and has become the method of choice among researchers around the world studying microbial organisms in soil

PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit is MO BIO's next generation soil DNA kit. The kit is intended for use with environmental samples containing a high humic acid contentincluding difficult soil types such as compost, sediment, and manure. Other more common soil types have also been used successfully with this kit.

The PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit distinguishes itself from UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit with a NEW humic substance/brown color removal procedure. This new procedure is effective at removing PCR inhibitors from even the most difficult soil types.

The isolated DNA has a high level of purity allowing for more successful PCR amplification of organisms from the sample. PCR analysis has been performed to detect a variety of organisms including bacteria (e.g. Bacillus subtilisBacillus anthracis), fungi (e.g. yeasts, molds), algae, and actinomycetes (e.g. Streptomyces)

Environmental samples are added to a bead beating tube for rapid and thorough homogenization. Cell lysis occurs by mechanical and chemical methods. Total genomic DNA is captured on a silica membrane in a spin column format. DNA is then washed and eluted from the spin column. DNA is ready for PCR analysis and other downstream applications.

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MO BIO soil kits are widely used by the USEPA, USDA, FBI and CDC for soil analysis



  • More Soil: process up to 10g of soil in less than 90 minutes
  • More Sample Types: PCR quality DNA from compost, sediment and manure
  • More PCR Results: means better representation of soil microbial diversity
  • More User-Friendly: safe and convenient method

The difference is clear!

The PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit is More Effective for Community Analysis by PCR

Notes: Only DNA isolated with PowerSoil yielded a PCR product for Landfill samples (lanes 1 and 2), Lake Sediment (lane 6) and Mulch Topsoil (lane 9). DNA isolated using other supplier kits failed to amplify products for these samples, most likely due to high levels of humic acid substances remaining in the final DNA eluate.


Positive PCR amplification using PowerSoil was observed with 100% of the samples. PCR analysis resulted in only 44% positive amplification with supplier kits tested.



12888-50 PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit 50 preps
12888-100 PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit 100 preps


Also available in 96 Well Format