UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit

Manufacturer: MO BIO Laboratories

 The UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit has become the method of choice among researchers around the world studying microbial organisms in soil.

MO BIO's UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit is a huge success. Below are some comments from UltraClean™ users in the USA:

(1) Soil DNA Kit is Very Effective!

The soil DNA Kit is excellent. Our research involves extraction of DNA from fungi living in the soil. We have compared the kit to other published methods and the kit is superior. It is far easier to use, faster, more reproducible and less toxic. The cost per sample is comparable to many published methods. We use the attachment for the vortex, also sold by Mo Bio. It works very well.

from: Rxk13@psu.edu

(2) Mo Bio’s UltraClean Soil DNA Kit Rules!

We have been working with the Soil DNA Kit for years now and have yet to find a better kit on the market. We are currently extracting DNA from over 50 soil samples a month for several different projects with a wide variety of soil types and none of this would be possible without the reliability and DNA purity produced by the UltraClean Kit. We also know from experience that it works beautifully with rat, mouse and human feces.

from: Chris Kitts, California Polytechnic State University

(3) UltraClean Soil DNA Kit

An efficient and rapid DNA isolation kit that worked when others did not. The company offers trial kits if you are interested.

from: dgriffin@usgs.gov

(4) Mo Bio UltraClean Soil DNA Kit Gives More DNA

We have tried the UltraClean Soil DNA Kit and got excellent results. The kit is faster and easier to use than our standard protocol. Best of all – no phenol! We are now ready to move onto bigger and better things – the UltraClean MEGA Soil DNA Kit.

from: dmoran@whoi.edu

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